Im young gifted and black
Ive lived and survived
The days of slavery only a memory of a past
Marked by whiplashings n meager food
Abuse and derogation with impunity
Are things we only hear of and see on tv
But im continually living on edge
My adrenaline pumping in perpetuity
The system we live in now our slave masters
Like a puppet being orchestrated by a few fingers
We very much fail to see the treachery
Being caused by the ones we put in authority
I dont blame them to lose their poor mentality
They have been victims of the same society??
Then what happened to the education n training
The instruments of change and progress
We see nothin coming out of the fountain of knowledge
Feels like im where i was a decade ago in this 21st century
But im young gifted and black
My creativity should make me overcome any bad training
What I know now are only prejudices being confirmed no new discoveries
Against all odds I still forge ahead
and leave the rest to destiny

Im young gifted and black


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