She calls me a devil and I laugh
Said am full of evil and I can’t help but to smile
In eyes so dark, I see the light
The reflection of her heart
She rocks a smile that makes my time seize
Im content staring at her a million years, so much as i forget to breathe
I can’t describe how I feel when she hugs me and calls me teddybear
I get red with jealousy when she turns and looks at someone else
A heart so big that everyone could get a bit and teeny share
She is so full of grace like Christ himself sent her

I never drew her any lines but she knows her place well
If I fail to get in line she just knows how to put my place there
Not hesitant to rebuke but sensitive not to hurt
She told me although we are lovers we are friends first
She understands my ego and chivalry best
Whatever I want to do if I place her first she doesn’t care what comes next
She appears from no where places a peck on my lips and dissappears
She knows she is vulnerable because she lay her emotions bare
Says if I will break her heart she prefers her neck then


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