Its killing me
I’m sitting there
Not many options when I’m in a lecture room
All the talking is like static from a broken radio
Jibber jabber mumbo jumbo
I’m learning nothing except that I need more sleep
My brain is burning…eyes unfocused
I break out yawning…it causes a ruckus
She keeps on talkin but it just has me
People are writing but I just keep staring
At my phone and keep typing down my thought proceses
I wish it was more interesting but it isn’t and I’m pondering
Wrong place wrong timing or just maybe
I lack preparation unlike these brainies
I’m not alone though…he has his earpiece stuck in
The almost invisible nod to a beat and rhythm
My eyes fixated fishing for something unusual
I notice its the monotony the brain is in a lobotomy
I don’t seek to extract broader meaning
Its the road often taken yet its destination is dissappointing
Parallel like Practicality and theory The problem of the mind and the body
Sit on the fence and be labelled an interactionist
The meaning of which is ironically astounding
Boredom turns to tiredness
I drop my phone and put this piece to literary rest


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