I received the news with fixed feelings
We watched ‘Dear John’ together
Now I’m receiving its modern day letter
A one week silent treatment
A trick, treat or starter?
All the unreplied messages and calls unanswered
Get your antenna straight you might receive a wrong signal
A single interpretation of a misinformation will cause emotional upheavals
You are already messing with my temperature
I forget even how to read the thermometer let alone use the formula
Degrees celsius to farhenheit and vice versa
Your sexiness per second I can’t fathom let alone measure
You deliberately deliberate when I ask you for a small favour
All those times we had deep conversations late in the hour
You let me in I believe
I told you things and you were reliefed
A burden shared is halfed but you told me yours and I took them as all mine
Probably it was a ploy you played all along and let me be the puppet
I wanted strings attached but not to be played and manipulated
Like I got no emotions, you should have made it known
Love is war and you are a mercenary now I know
I loved you
I loved you and I never ever put noone else above you
I broke the bro code oh! Numerous of times
That they made me watch riley say no snitching plenty of times
The episode I remember vividly so many a times
That distinctive voicd like I’m Regina King herself
It all keeps coming back celine but like 2pac sung
That’s just the way it is things will never be the same


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