The overreach of social media and the demise of due process

It seems we are not able to cope wtih the pace of advancement of social media plus the youth of today are mostly ‘shallow’

Brass Tacks

If our founding fathers would have known that the rights of individuals under the Constitution would one day be usurped by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and TMZ, we may well have remained colonies. I mean, what was the point? People are being found guilty in the public eye in some cases where an actual crime has not been committed or where charges have not even been filed. Those who have long felt their voices were never heard are now using global platforms like Facebook and Twitter to offer their two cents on the trending topics of the day.   The only bar that one seemingly needs to clear is to have an opinion that is in line with the consensus, and ideally, be somewhat witty. The collision of technology, media, and a perpetually uninformed American public determine innocence and guilt, as well as the ability for people to earn a…

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