Break out!

I want a way out
I want to break out
I don’t give cahoots about what I am labeled as
The system? How often haven’t we cried out
The capitalist and the academic. History tells me one is seemingly the serpent cunningly placing the other under a gentle spell
Mental slavery? The fuckery
I go days with one and a half square meal but someone sees me to be chilling for real
Another one says I should be happy pharrell
Some have accepted their conditions
With wanton abandon have embraced their afflictions
It is because for it is worth…they see no way out
Take the coconut seller who we enjoy his water
We will park, sit in our cars and order
He smiles whiles at our service calls us ‘borger’ or ‘masa’(master)
It is the shoemaker who I nowadays wonder how many people get him to mend their kotoka(slippers)
He hits the stick against his box, bellowing at the top of his voice shoee shine!!!
The intensity of the sun rays travelling at ‘ahi ahi’ metres per second hitting his forehead making him breakout in sweat. All to what end??
‘Cedi kome k3 kp3ndw3!!’ (one cedi and some pesewas)
But there is no room for pity
Im waiting on an angel call him serendipity
Luck? Bravery? Those don’t count when you are lazy
So kill the excuses (click-clack blao)
Take a few bruises (ajei hm ouch)
You need a way out too? Find it!


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