Once upon a hilltop

Once upon a hilltop
Was believed to be a tree
Of which enlightenment doesn’t stop
And the shackles of poverty broken free

On that hilltop
My dad said to me ‘LIES’ my key to development and an opportunity at being a beacon of light
On that hilltop
He said again is where the elite, the crème de la crème, the finest of intellect are garnered. Right
On that hilltop
He pointed and said should be my destination because it will guarantee me fulfillment. Nice
On that hilltop
I endeavor to sit on just to gaze at the beauty and serenity of the view that lies below and above me
On that hilltop
I wonder how people made it for it is a long journey that induces no motivation. Yes
On that hilltop
I saw that none atop the hilltop were willing to help up those who were striving to get to the top for it was a tight competition for a good spot
On that hilltop
I hope to find answers I have been searching for all my life and even given up on because I thought these stories were all folklore
On that hilltop
From whence debris fall and I have to continue the climb head down with fear of getting my eyes sore
On that hilltop where I want to reach so i cut and bruise myself in many places, I have holes in my emotions like the open spaces, craters on the moon’s surface
On that hilltop
You could hear echoes of desperation, frustration, abuse and derogation from below the serfdom that bleed at the foot of the hill
On that hilltop
I bet you there is no modicum of consideration spared for the meek not to even talk of the weak
On that hilltop
Where your artificial intelligence is used to estimate your worth, some unworthy scribbling on paper that fill pockets with money
On that hilltop
Is where false ideologies and wrong mentalities are hatched and bred
We are taught not to look further away from what will give us our daily bread
On that hilltop
Is believed to be the best spot but your best spot depends on the view you want
On top of that hilltop
I’m not sure of what is lingering and awaits me but I wish to fly so when I’m  glorifying in the sky far from this, the hilltop is going to be a speck and spot
Come hold my hand and let’s take flight for in the air no one buys a plot
Far from on top the hilltop
There is no competition for space I just allow my wings of imagination to carry me on and I don’t need to stop.


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