Solemn reflection

It was a stare off. I did not lose by letting my eyelids clap but by the emotion that stung me as I sat there. All the things around me, both human and inanimate felt like they were asking “What would you amount to?” It felt too long to go chasing my dreams for I feared that in the end I might still lose, lose sight of the dream rendering the chase itself futile. Who can I blame? All the success stories I hear of seem distant and so far away almost surreal. What I see all around me is little flames of hope dying with each passing moments. Where the faith comes from I don’t know but I hope ‘Hope’ is a true phenomenon else…..I see hundreds of faces everyday and i wonder what their story is, what their moral is, what their scar is and what battles they have won and have lost. The numbers dont matter here. What is important is having a hindsight. If you lost just get back to the drawing board and learn from mistakes. If you won then be encouraged that you can do it again eventhough the next battle is surely tougher. But we all know that saying that goes ‘when the going gets tough….’. I dont know how to end this but just live and fight for the best in life dearie. God dey up dey spy


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