You lay in the kittchen, on the cold hard floor
Sleep was so afraid of your thoughts so it went outta da door
The mice and roaches come to feast on your bloodied battered hair
And drank from your pool of unrestrained salty tears
The questions you keep asking yourself
Bordered on sanity morality no one to help u answer
Your brain can’t stop racing but to no where
You are past the time where you wish this could be only a nightmare
Or u wanna hear cut this ain’t hollywood reality can be cruel my dear
But don’t give up yet no situation is permanent 
Pray for your soul that’s what can live on eternally
U wouldn’t want to suffer twice now and eternally
After this ordeal heaven should be a must go to place no purgatory
In my supplementary readers the greeks called it elysium
If only peace and joy is bought with money u would get those and even add the freedom
But its too bad its never sold in an emporium
Whatever changed whatever went wrong?
U don’t want your children to go through this so be strong
U have to get up and do something a moving target can never be hit
All those empty containers of expensive makeup
How many more till your face is fixed fit cuts n bruises n slits
Covered and u are looking like a doll…to be precise the chinese
Hear this no man under any circumstances has the right to harm a hair on a woman
He forfeits his privilege to be loved cos he is no longer a man
Don’t let such a love u profess kill you
Only Christ was justified to die for mankind him not u
If you wanna change your fate and affect others it starts from you
Think of ama , serwa, lamisi and yayra
We have to put a stop to violence
Yes…start living think of other people suffering


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