Good Free-day

There are times when I can’t find the words to express how I feel
My remorse, my sorrow, my bitterness, my despair, my guilt, my anger
My voice can only boom out to let out how I feel like thunder
My emotions are quieted like the peace like the peace after a storm only a gentle stirring whereas my thoughts rave and rant like a jealous broken-hearted woman wanting to get even
To make this work, we both have to be a fool for each other, no break-evens
You did show me how you feel and how far an extent you would go for me
I can’t say the same for myself I took too much granted and fear history would repeat itself
I hit my right hand on my chest for you
I’m never gonna lose sight of the cross, I see you
I don’t want to perish so I kneel before you
My heart repents my tongue confess. My Jesus, my Saviour and my Lord! I feel you
You too much! Swag, your love just dey burst my mind
I will follow you!
Wherever you go, I will go. Just lead I will follow
All the dead weights I drop cos with you I can only travel light
I renew my mind and hope to wrong my rights but help me for this is not even my fight.


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