love musing

This is how I feel
Happy, excited, elated full of thrill
Our conversations put a smile on my lips that never leaves
I will stand with u like the oak and watch haters fall like dry leaves
Maybe if our craziness reaches its boiling point we will run away evaporate into the thin
We might care less cos when we together everything else outside of us is freezed

This is how I feel
Times when I think I don’t know what I want
Like hell im not a girl I do know what I want :-p
I want happiness and craziness and someone who gets me, a connection that is strong
I don’t care about social conventions anymore but we just so cute we stand out among the throng

This is how I feel
I cup my balls with my left hand and raise my hand the right to this solemn vow
I will listen to my heart and follow it a handwriting to find the book of love
You release me from stress, thinking,burden and guilt
I feel im not doing enough to reciprocate my burden of guilt

This is how I feel
History says we will last 8 months, my best record
Economic and social class is there to sow its discord
But the hearts wants what it wants we will do a remix to this song
This is my last line my dear hope you fall for it…every breath is filled with the thought of you
I was holding on for a miracle which manifested in you
If I had the voice, this is the song I will play for you.


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