Fairweather friend

Hello fair-weather friend
I did not expect to see you today
The clouds are dark and stormy
You know the rains are coming soon and you won’t stick around
Whether it is because my roof is a little leaky or my beams and columns are a little shaky
I would never know so I don’t bother
O! I know you much too well fair-weather friend

The sun is shining
I need to go and make the proverbial hay
Yesterday it rained and still the weather can act up any day
Would you keep me company? As I work and pray
Oh why do I even ask?
The look on your face means you about to feign sickness
You are only well during harvest or payday
I know you too much too well fair-weather friend

You lie and cheat
I don’t understand it
You want to benefit yet you shirk the responsibility
It’s not a right to be my friend you know
If you can tell me the truth
I would never be mad at you
But instead you choose to have a dual personality

Your clever mind on the scan and scheming
Alert for an opportunity to go gold digging
But I am done with you
You know it’s not all about the money
It’s the love and loyalty and hustle which is authentic
Too bad I know you too well fair-weather friend
Goodbye fair-weather fiend.


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