I don’t know what it is about birthdays that people fuss about. I can only remember me CELEBRATING a birthday at 5 when I was in kindergarten 2. My mum brought cake and candies to be shared in class and that was it. 18 years later I woke up with the knowledge of my birthday turning in my mind and asking questions of what I would do during the day and a strange feeling  I cant describe.

Well I had to take care of some side academic work, and read for a test. Instead of some birthday sex I was getting birthday test. Please dont judge me *in Chris Brown voice*

So I grudgingly got out of bed, went downstairs to fetch water and carry it up five flight of stairs so I could freshen up. Went to grab my phone so I could see those who ‘loved’ me. I was a little disappointed to see my newest love interest was nowhere to be found on the long line of those who sent messages of which only a few was to wish me happy birthday.

Before I knew it noon was here and I hadn’t even taken breakfast so I sorted myself out and got down to reading for my test. My dad called to wish me and dropped in a few words of encouragement. My sister wrote a very flattering status which made my afternoon. A few friends who saw me wished me and the guys as expected threatened some beatings and waterings. My test went well and I had to go pack and head to takoradi to go be a photographers apprentice. And oh my most lovely mum called, apparently she had been trying to wish me all morning but thanks to power problems…just maybe it was karma for me also not wishing her early five days ago

So much for a birthday! No cakes, no lots of drinks, no time with the guys, no spending time with my adopted-daughter-to-be who shares the same birthday and no bae time because she is non-existence. At the end of the day, when I was in a bus almost at my destination, takoradi, with J Cole rapping some sense into my head it hit me that it couldn’t have been any better. Really!

The feeling I had throughout the day was what mattered. A quick reflection showed that I was blessed. I have the most interesting family ever, the coolest friends ever (of course my own definition of cool) and here I was almost unruly at the thought of me not having a birthday party or drinkup of some sorts.

People celebrate occasions to mark mile stones and bring family together to feel that ‘feeling’. Birthdays fall into this category even though some people have the penchant of aestheticizing it a bit much some of us are okay with just wishes and genuine smiles and hugs we get on our birthdays. Very soon we will have a birthday party worth having


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