Feature: Politianity


One of the most disgusting comments I hear Christians pass in recent times is that “As for me I hate politics .” Interesting , I do ask myself that if Christians hate politics, who then should like and do politics?  Alexander the Great once said “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a lamb: for I am afraid of an army of lambs led by a lion .” This deep statement makes it clear that a leader of a country or a group may either bring blessings or calamity to them. When leadership and for that matter political leadership of a country is left in the hands of unscrupulous persons who do not know God,then ultimately the country is in crisis.Imagine Ghana being led by leaders who do not know God,filled with evil and  baleful thoughts,who accept wicked and abominable practices like homosexuality into Ghana;The implications are that, it  evokes the curses of God to the country and burdens Christian with more lost souls to be won. Are we done rescuing all the lost souls? Your answer is as good as mine. Politics and Christianity for me must be considered as inextricable because when the key stakeholders of politics do not espouse Godly principles in leadership, the adverse effects also affects Christians .Let me at this juncture state the crux of this write up ,which is “CHRISTIANS HAVE A CALL TO DO ACTIVE POLITICS.”

Christians who do not share my opinion base their position on I John 5:19 that because the world lies in the power of the wicked one Satan, Christians must not do politics. Another basis of their assertion is that the world is passing away and since Christians are not of the world, there is no need for them to do politics.Taking time to elucidate these erroneous interpretation will only give credence to their spurious and wrongful interpretation and applications of scriptures so I will only proceed with few but straightforward questions. Granted that their assertion is something to go by 1. Why should there be leadership in church which is part of a world controlled by Satan and not situated in Heaven 2.Why should Christians pray for political leaders who are involved in governance in a world controlled by Satan 3.Why do we pay taxes to this government and  4. Why do Christians enjoy the services of this political leaders in a world controlled by Satan. 5. Does the mere participation in active politics make a Christian an entity of the world? If the world is controlled by Satan and that Christians must not be involved, why then should Christians even work in facilities provided by the government .It must be understood that Satan only rules the Unbelievers and not Believers .It is only prudent that we equally find people who are not ruled by Satan ,that is  Believers to lead us even though Satan rules the unsaved ones.

In the words of the social reformist and Bishop, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, “History has it to recorded that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people,but the appalling silence of the good people ” and I agree. The bigotry of most Christians who are remiss of the essence of leadership  has brought on us problems. In other words, Ghana is as it is today because of the uninvolvement  of most Christians in the political discourse .Most of us Christians have only turned into avowed critics of politicians and politics without joining the train to cause change.

I ask, are Christians aware  of the implications of our  uninvolvement in the political activities?  I can say without any fear of contradiction that the economic woes of this country is largely due to the silence of Christians in the  political discourse. The chunk of money we lose due to corruption will be saved for the creation of more jobs for the unemployed if and only if Christians get into positions of trust. This is because a Christian feels for others and will   only do noble things to bring glory to God and relief to his fellow human being .Hasten to emphasize; I said “a Christian and not just any church goer”. The Christian leader also enjoys the guidance of God to make right decisions to ensure development . Joseph comes in mind: because of Joseph, Egypt was rescued from famine and starvation.

Another assertion of the reformist is that “Our lives begin to end the moment we become silent on the things that matters.” Yes the resolve of Christians to assume the culture of silence on the sacrosanct political discourse is disheartening. Hmmmmmm. Are Christians aware of the fact that “the cost of life, the price of the bean,  of the fish, of the flour , of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine all depends on political decisions? We hastily swell our chest and proudly say we hate politics forgetting that from our political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, the worst thieves of all,the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies ( credits to Bertolt Brecht)  .Our call for a better Ghana, devoid of corruption,economic hardships, poverty ,dumsor and all other social vices shall forever remain a cliche and a mere desire until Christians take part in active politics.

Are we accepting the fact that “religion is the opium of the masses? ” ( Karl Marx ). In order for scriptures to be fulfilled the economic hardship must come but can’t we use our God given wisdom to salvage it? We justify everything especially our economic woes with religion,praying amidst and disturbing God on things we have control over. The whites introduced the Bible to us knowing very well that the signs of the end time include economic woes and others, yet are using their God given talents to salvage it. The teachings of the Bible should rather help us enjoy prosperity.The Protestant Ethics of the Calvinist catapulted Europe especially France into unfathomable prosperity and not to relish Christians to abject poverty.Is our Christian teaching helping us to develop or what? If political leadership is up and doing there would be no need to disturb our pastors with the  ” Pastor pray for me” brouhaha.  Let us allow our Christian teachings to birth development.

The good book says “You are the light of the world .A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” ( Matthew 5:14 ) Darkness is simply the absence of light. Politics is seen as dirty because of the uninvolvement of Christians. Yes it is corrupt and perverse because of us Christians. Are we not ashamed to say that 60 to 70% of Ghanaian population are Christians yet have not pioneered any change in our politics. The Bible says “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your  moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble and good deeds and glorify your father who is in heaven ” (Matthew 5:16).Our noble deeds and gestures in politics have the propensity to win souls unto Christ without verbal preaching.

Christians are agents of change in all fields of life,with politics as no exception. Politics is not evil, embrace it and do it.Our presence in active politics will surely bring light and limitless freedom to humanity.

Special thanks to Apostle Dr Peter Ohene Kyei ,Rector of Pentecost University College and all stakeholders of AFREG for your inspiration in writing this piece. Special thanks to our Christian politicians who for the love of God and humanity have  committed themselves to serve Ghana.

Bright Agropah


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