By the Gutterside series: Things we do for love

Things we have done for love! No scratch that. Things we have done for girls because we were young and foolish in the name of love!

So me and bro were sitting on the compound, not by the gutterside this time around thinking about ourselves and saying how we would react ‘if we hit’, that is came to have a lot of money by some miracle. He said he probably would be so moved he could cry or better still he would do Christiano Ronaldo’s goal celebration. Apparently it is called the ‘Ciiii’. As for me, I would save my reactions for another piece.

I was on my whatsapp scrolling through contacts and I saw this girl in her dp. We hadn’t talked in quite a long time and looked it like she was the one who sent a last message and I didn’t reply. Looking at her picture, it reminded me of how far I had come in my love affairs.

I smiled at myself because it reminded me of a very useless journey I took to go see her which proved futile, comical and didactic. I say journey because she lives at winneba.

Ok so me and this chica were cool, being my sister’s friend and all, so I decided to up my game and maybe put the moves on her. I thought “what better way to start than to go see her”. Just for the record, I had gone to see her once and boy did we not roam. The taxi rides, walking and also the hilarious friends. Maybe it was the Fante that was doing it for them. Natural comedians. She is one of them happy-go-lucky persons and she knew lots of people. So you know that feeling where you walking with someone and everybody is stopping you so they could catch up with your friend real fast. Annoying to the pacific and back. As always, I no bore. The gentleman in me will not allow that. At after an inadvertent tour of some parts of Winneba I came home.

So this second time, I was actually lucky to catch a ride to winneba. Saved some transport money no doubt but what was to come was not worth the money. So here is the thing, Esi lived quite farther than the main Winneba township. You actually had to pick a taxi at what was to me at the time a ludicrous amount to get to her house which was by the roadside. So since I was hitching a ride, there was no one to tell where I would alight I had to constantly watch the road for the house and alight. This was an arduous task and I had to really roam through the corners and alleys of my memory to remember landmarks and things from the first visit. Did I say arduous? Let me try futile this time. All I could remember was one filling station and the long stretch of grass and shrubbery. At a point I wasn’t sure if I had passed the house or not and we had driven like 30 minutes already. I’m not sure beads of sweat formed on my face but I can bet that my brows were furrowed which means I was racking the brain and trying not to panic with the thought of getting lost in the middle of nowhere. If you were in my shoes in a place you barely knew, with people you would have to strain to hear and all you would understand. I had my eye on the houses by the road. One plan hardly imprinted on my mind which I was using to compare with whichever one I saw but still we were not there yet. So I saw the filling station and I wasted no time in getting down. Big mistake! In my mind, the filling station was close to the house which should have been a few metres ahead but alas I have never been so dead wrong. I walked. I walked. I walked. Still no house. I was confused. I stood. I thought. There was only one thing I was sure of, I hadn’t passed the house. So I walked and walked. I plugged my ears to let music distract me especially from the toll that was being taken on my legs from all the walking. That too was not working well because I couldn’t enjoy the music because I had to be checking myself from being grazed by cars coming from behind. Wrong lane to be trekking on? I know.

Fast forward. 30-45 minutes later I found the house. I was so happy not because I would get to see her because I would get to rest. I was in for another surprise. No one was home. I started calling and put it on auto-redial. Boy, that was like another hour and still no answer. Patience was a virtue. I didn’t call her to tell her I was coming quite earlier than the usual because of the free ride I didn’t want to pass up. So here I was not confused but innately highly pissed. At myself. I should not have just assumed she was gonna be home because it was a Sunday. After some brooding, I decided that it was time to throw in the towel on this whole visit thing after going ’10 rounds of life dealing me blows’. I just went to get a car to Winneba then from there get home.

On my way, she either called or texted back saying she was at church explaining the missed calls and all. I just told her I was on my way back and that I would come back another time. Some years down the line, I tried going back but I couldn’t. Then communication kind of slowed and became the checking-up-on-you thing.

I have come a long way. Really and truly. Matured. I have become less susceptible to some things and obviously no longer easily gets infatuated. Which means no more  tripping like this one of blessed memory. 😊:-)

I have a pic from that day on IG that you would have to do some scrolling down to see. It was me in a red lacoste standing beside the road which bushes all around. In the caption you would see stranded. Pic or no pic however I don’t think I am forgetting this anytime soon. Its buried deep.


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