Emotional jungle

I like this girl too much. It’s her birthday today and all I would have wanted was for me to spend a few hours with her, ceteris paribus. To talk tête à tête and in the process I get some closure because Lord knows I need it. After hearing two relationship talks last week, my mind is tuned.

Disclaimer: I am talking from a principled Christian POV!

Most of these principles that were espoused I had already come to conclusions on after reflecting on this issue of relationship and dating for quite some time. I’m not going to talk about those conclusions and principles explicitly because I only have about 20 minutes to write. However there is something I want to get out there…

There’s a thin line between hot and cold. For a long time, my heart has been pumping hot with feelings but I feel that is about to change with all the ‘cold water’ I have been swallowing. Given that, admittedly I am not good at expressing emotions. I either overdo or underdo things. What I’m trying to say I don’t know how to handle crushes and be normal around people I catch feelings for. I don’t know how to console bereaved or sick people which makes me feel bad and miserable. It is particularly unnerving for me because then I overthink and under-say or underdo in the end or worse still end up making a fool of myself (hyperbole) somehow.

Anyone can relate? If NO say yaaaay. If YES  please come and join me in fasting and prayers.

I don’t want to spill my guts here but truth be told, practically getting to know someone and getting committed is a lot of conscious effort and work that am yet to be ready for and likely to put in. This is my cue!

If it doesn’t come naturally or fall into place then am not too sure about it. I put premium on communication. We should be able to talk especially as we would not get to do that 24/7 the single or couple hours we can squeeze in is vital. There should always be an understanding.

Once a while such people come into play and things get somewhat wavy, exciting and you start thinking ‘Awoa, you this girl!’. Then some thing happens or is said that puts you off majorly. Realer no.

My time is up so I will conclude rather prematurely.
“You ain’t gotta question it.
You already know the answer”
“The  truth don’t make us relevant. Hurts but is necessary. I want us to notice what we are”

We cannot lose what we are. It might seem am out after peeps souls because my heart got cold


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