This was one jargon used to describe anything spiritual. Person, thing, event and phenomena.

I would like to say I have been on a spiritus journey. Lord knows I needed it! I needed transformation by the renewing of my mind. For 1 week all I majorly did was worship and talk to God.

Never felt so at peace. I was afraid of going back home and getting overwhelmed by all the challenges and temptations. Prior to this sojourn, I had lost track of who God was, his saving grace and who I was in Him. I wasn’t too clear which direction my life should take partly because I was feeding off negative energy stressing on how to get paid and fast. I was neck deep in this addiction that crippled me spiritually, drained me mentally and emotionally and just overall messed me up. I tried to break it but every relapse was as worse than the previous one. My self-esteem was on a high time low. My confidence in myself and my abilities was waning, plummeting like a sky diver. Now? Am smiling the kind of smile even my friends can’t interpret. Everyone has this pervert perception of me. That I am the celebrator of sex and women. Sometimes it breaks my heart but I am partly to blame. I was always spewing sexual innuendos, dirty jokes and an avid looker and descriptor of the female anatomy. I told someone that i was changing and he would not, for the love of God, give me the benefit of the doubt to believe. A friend o! In the end, we had to agree that my actions should speak louder than my words to that effect. I pray for strength to complete my transformation and renewal because it is not going to be easy. The environment was not enabling but He who is now in me is greater than what is out there. And what is out there is perversion, all levels of debauchery, corporate savagery, economic cannibalism, pollution and hedonism. It makes it difficult for you to flourish.

I am free. I feel peace. I feel HOPE. I have joy. Confidence is restored. The mental faculties are upped. God is in control.
To show approved that indeed my gifts will be for his glory am about to unleash a powerful series. #FingersCrossed #WatchAlert His Glory Alone!


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