A boy once

He was a boy once
One with a curious mind, the not too strong silent type
With shining bright future, wealth and success in his hands
Not once did any one doubt he would fail to live up to this hype

He was a boy once
Toys and milk on his mind, running and laughing like it was all he had
Built Lego empires unlike those with dreams and no plans
His innocence was a driving force and it was dreaded of him having knowledge of bad

He was a boy once
That his face couldn’t stop the toothless smile that broke out
Like the cracken being released
When that girl with the glasses said he was smart and skipped out

He was a boy once
And had food when he was hungry and was caned when he was naughty
And had rewards if he topped the class and felt estranged if he fell a few ranks behind
And started knowing that not all was equal in any one thing and that there was more to life than thinks his mind

Yes, He was a boy once
But now on the verge of becoming a man
He dreads it, he fears it
He hopes it, he yearns it
For the two words that he is to transform into were totally foreign – responsible and mature
But he knew it was the path to be trod for the man to become for sure
Not oblivious to the thorns and heat and natural holes and man-dug pits


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