Compromise: Not normal

One very big big problem, like an undercurrent which we are all riding on, among Christians today is COMPROMISE.

“3y3 normal” “abi this one dier”

Wherever and whenever you hear this phrase brethren you gotta be alert because someone is compromising something.

Since am talking about compromise let me not make one myself. I’m going to have to say it as it is.
See the number of ways guys and girls would think about ways to have some level of gratification to circumvent the issue of fornication or sex. Thinking that since nothing has entered something they are good. For those who are ignorant, the revelation is coming that would open your eyes. For those who are in the know, and do it all the same you are creating a time bomb of self destruction.

Danny Hodges said that the law is spiritual. Any law whether in the old testament or ordinance/admonition in the new concerning the right way to conduct ourselves sexually still stands.

Brethren, the law or righteous living is not for God’s benefit but your very own. If only you are aware of the risk you stand of being demonically possessed if you should even kiss the ‘wrong’ person you might stitch your lips. “ibi normal?”

Let us not play with these things but rather rein in our desires and feed our hearts and minds properly. For you can only compromise if you are in too deep in worldly places.

How easy for a person to say “drink but don’t get drunk” when his scene is always the pub or club.
How easy for you to be addicted to social media when all you majorly do is watch movies and celebrity tv especially at the expense of prayer meeting or midweek.
How easy for you to gamble and bet when you are so fixated on living a certain lifestyle and owning somethings. “oh abi this one dier”
You will deliberately avoid Ecclesiastes so you don’t come across the word vanity. *shrugs*

The challenge is this; where is your mind?
On the things of God or on the things of the world. Col 3:1

There are some things the Bible has said that if we should pick it up and decide to stick with it and run with it, more than everything will be well with us. It is rather unfortunate that we have compromising on these things and have allowed ambivalence to characterize ourselves.
“A believer who has lost his focus acts like an unbeliever” – Danny Hodges

For them its their lifestyle, for you its COMPROMISE.


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