She make I dey think

​I am that free bird

With an adventurous spirit

That is matched only by the temerity of my wings

I learn as I hop and chirp along

With only a few cares and worries

I hope and trust that all others are good

And the divine power would take care of us

I am familiar with the number one all too well

For as natural as instinct, it is what makes me well

The making of nest, the fluffing of feathers

The philosophy of the early bird, the pursuance of interest

But up until now, she dey make I dey think

I am not too sure anymore

A part of my little beating heart does strange rhythms

My wings sometimes wants to have a mind of its own

My eyes dart around in open excitement

Maybe it’s time to stop being that free bird

Reality check?

Nah mate! I will pass

I am a knight after a Queen’s heart

My very ambition could prove to be the death of me

For I am only a rook-ie in winning affections

I will not hesitate to let a bishop marry us

Lest she gets traded with something as lowly as a pawn

Taken away from my very side as it passed – en passent

I could not get reason to the castle for safety

So I need to , j’adoube, straighten the rest of my pieces

The defences were left open mostly manned by raw emotions

I like this feeling

This feeling of liking things about her

There is that quality of innocence and spoil

that makes her even more endearing

chale! She dey make I dey think

there is nothing like a perfect girl?

I readily disagree

Her smile makes my stupidity flee

When I see that one tooth that is slightly out of place

Trying to do its own fleek

That dent in her cheeks, a very hesitant dimple

I really want to rhyme so I say she is pretty. Simple!

Guy! She dey make I dey think

Like that’s not enough

Standing for like 3 hours but I cant complain

Things we do for like

I can even get beaten by the rain

When I catch a cold 

It’s even an excuse to go drink her soup

Long walks and Sunday family barbecue

Now im imagining things that would fall in place for love

Love, what we got if we aint got love?

Ok Andy im not tripping

But she dey make I dey think

Sometimes she gets on my nerves

The airing and curving that’s uncalled for

The impenetrable force field she activates

The door she slams shut in the face

I do not get the wrongs that warrant these traits

I suppress my pride and just base

Cos in a million ways

This is what she does best

She dey make I dey think


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