Just as we are. 

​Just as we are. Saved. 

Just as we are. Raised. 

Raised just as we are to be Princes.

Born of royalty, how many of us know this?

Given the power to be heirs,  Sons

Just as we are. Sons

A veil torn apart, no mediaries no checks

Nobody fit bounce me I cross borders and boundaries

I have unlimited access, I have to utilize it

Just as we are. Faith full

Faith full of the knowledge of Christ

We walk not by sight nor might 

Our identity sown in the heart

The God kind of life, Zoe

Truth + love in action will equal Holi

Not the festival of colors, the festival of righteousness

Watch me do me as i spew Wisdom no folly

Cos I am connected to a true vine not telephone lines

Conclusion is false if the premises are mine

It’s all about His glory divine

So come one, come all. Tis the season alright 

Let the fire be ignited so we can shine bright

Just as we are. 


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