I stand accused. 

​I stand accused

I stand accused of being dumb headed

Of being that slow poke

Who cant get the correct answer to mentals

Or always gets the answer after the brain has registered the touch of the cane

But it is a bit too late

I have been accused
I stand accused of being good in a world where malice is what is taken as food

My virtues and my vices are competing both at high prices

For small currency people sell bits of their souls like two fishes, pisces

But I no bore  I will follow with my heart what is noble like cheese to mices
I stand accused

Of being too nice too sweet and someone called me emotional

They want rude, bossy, mean which they mistake for overconfidence et al

Girls, what have you been reading, watching, thinking at all
I stand accused

Accused of shirking responsibilities but 

‘i have been given nothing’ is my earnest reply

Nothing of which to be responsible for 

Nothing to make me feel responsible 

No means by which to carry out my responsibility
And yet 

I stand accused

All I have is this pen and paper

This pc, internet and reader

To stand trial and defend against the accuser

A crime to myself they cannot prosecute

None have I done against my fellow man
All I know is love and passion

Service to mankind in the name of my God

So dont tell me my poem is not nice
For this I refuse to be accused


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