God created evil

My nails claw at my flesh

As my teeth nips the inside 

Of my mouth drawing sweet blood, fresh

I feel filthy, I feel energized

My body feeds on lusts

As I feed lusts to my body

At the detriment of my body

At the peril of my soul

At the dilemma and indifference of my spirit

I do not understand this slavery

No matter how hard I try to run

No matter how far I try to see

I have not been able to make good an escape

It lurks in corners 

It sticks me up in broad day light

It manifests itself in people and places

This. This. This.

This lie, this darkness, this blindness

This evil I want to dine and dance with

At least the thought is tempting

But it takes away more than it gives

Its hidden agenda is always to leave behind 

A deplorable and dilapidated state

Like a virus it just uses its host and moves unto the next one

A clean living is as elusive to me as vision is to a black man

In my search for an answer 

I heard something 

That left my belief shaken and thoughts asunder
It came as a slap to the face

It stung and also brought some clarity

That which I heard made me less poignant

And it is that God created evil.


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