My Nsempiism 

  • ​I do not have a social life. (My thoughts as I pass through Legon hall week celebration) I have a mental life and that is okay for me. In recent days, I have done a little examination on myself and what it means for me to be an ISTP-T personality type. My findings are simply put; I am practical, writing is my passion and I like ‘fooring’ with my friends. Ok so let me break your train of thought. What led me to write this? There are times when you just feel like the dam to your thoughts  have been pulled down the words cascade down gentle in appearance but powerful upon impact. And this can only happen when you are exposed to the right people, environment and ideas. I had a such an evening and I can only conclude that “I am blessed”. After a hard day’s work of debating nonsensical motions at VCDC, who would have thought my day could have gotten inspiring. The number of times I say “what do I care?” when a motion comes, It makes me question my seriousness but well. I think I am still in the processing of overcoming this bad habit of ‘i-don’t-care-ism’ that has developed over a long period of time of losing the love of reading and misplacing the elixir of writing. In other words, I do not think I follow one basic rule of a debators life which is to stay on top of issues by reading the news. I mean I am a final year philosophy student for thinking out loud, I should care about some of these issues and what they hold for me or society or whatever. Right? The chair the house, some of these motions erh! So after disappointedly racking 4 of my anticipated 6 out of 9 possible points with barely surviving the last round of the day and the ‘trauma’ and ‘fear’ of the ‘strong room’ lingering, I rushed to the room to heat some rice only to meet a microwave with a missing rotating plate. I managed to heat the food, consumed it and started looking for the next thing to do. I called a few friends but none of them in the position to accommodate me and my foolery. A text was sent on a page that said Mannaseh Azure was in and this drew my attention to the Dakpabli readathon that I had marked on my calendar but had still forgotten about. After a slight issue finding the venue I got in and with a bottle of sobolo I really was transported into the literary world of three dynamic readers all unique in their storytelling, other literary techniques and very good humor. After that I went to spent about 2 hours hanging with a friend and talking about tons of things. I’m back in my room trying to finish this one piece. I can feel I’m already losing steam. There is a lot of promise in writing in Ghana and I strongly believe I have a strong role to play and I will try to cut off the slack. This is all I’m trying to say.

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