Life and chess (A Nuumo blofo piece)

What is the difference between life and a chess game?
On one hand, a lot. on the other hand, nothing.
Don’t let life play you into a position where you have no choice
Choice is always like a sleight of hand
They are powerful and determine your next choice
Your next move and the next
A choice of thought and thinking will determine the next one
A choice of action will determine the next one
At first it may look like you have many choices, many options
But moving forward you begin to realize that the choices you have is actually limited edition
Someone may have started on a good note and may be having sweet alternatives, classic edition
You might have heard this in many forms
Parents advice or Pastor’s preaching. This is my own rendition
There is something about nuumo blofo
I have a young head on my old neck
Stuck between generations
As my peers are doing nothing but rocking a hammock or lazy chair
I am sticking my tongue out for a selfie
As they are waiting for their kids to call before they know whatsup with them,
I am checking statuses and profile pics-pps. Or is that not what it is called?
Yes I am a gee. Real grandpa. Im fbing on IG and snapchatting about some trending tweets
Hehe as if I know how those things work
Just to spice things up
I am telling white lies to make this piece sweet
But do not laugh and forget about the morale and the lesson
Even I made a choice
Moved a chess piece to still be update and remain relevant
After all, you call it a uniformation technicology age abi?
A word from nuumo blofo’s mouth like a smoke from nuumo blofo’s pipe
Gracefully moves north and I think it is enough.


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