Window Pain

He sat at the window looking out, always
She passed by outside the window, always

He watched everything and anything
Keenly and carefully at times
Non-chalant and uninterested most times
He pondered on bits of what he saw
He thought the world was too big for him to be significant
He thought he was too insignificant to be anything in the world
either way he looked, it was a hopeless situation
he beat himself up about it
mentally tied up his own hands and put himself in a cage
he had sentenced himself to a dark gloomy life with no action
the only lights he saw, just like the one that shone into his room
from his window was a painful reminder of what he could not attain

And there comes she
looking like what they call beautiful
with no cares in the world
and lots of flowers in her hair
She complimented nature and nature complimented her
with gifts of the earth and air in the glowing colour of her skin
and the subtle but forceful nature of her actions

He thought,
she has purpose and intent
she was created to do this
she was made for blooming and glowing
she looked like she was significant in this big world
He secretly wished he could know what it felt like to be significant

Then she one day came along as always
not the usual smiley self but her eyes were bright and she commanded things in her presence
she looked like she was on a mission
she halted and turned sharply looking straight into the window
He shuddered, squirmed and shrunk in his seat at the same time
He was star-struck, intimidated
This trepidation was new to him
He didnt know what to make of it, he only stared
She flashed him one of her smiles
Did a little wave and skipped away
He watched intently wishing that she wouldnt go
He wanted her to be there
He felt a tug at his heart
He began to think, dream even
of activities and possibilities
Maybe this is what they call hope
She gave him hope
He wanted to know where such hope could lead


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