Heroes are born. Heroes are made
To save, to heal, to forgive, to tame
The ones that sacrifice even when its lame
Bea, when at a loss, asked who saves heroes
No one
They are the ones who do the saving
they were built for it
so they manage somehow
If the world could afford it
then probably we would have heroes’ heroes
but its too costly for our imagination

We want more from our heroes
We selfishly demand
their very lives be laid down for us
We could have been our own heroes
and give them less on their plate
But no!
we leave them
to bear the grunt of the arduous task
at times even with the belief
that they will not succeed
this is what makes the story
more climatic however
The surmounting of all those odds
The ability to belief in those that do them dirty
The nerve to find love and sometimes enjoy it
This is why they are heroes
and cant have anyone saving them


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