The Party

A plastic cup in hand
A plastered smile on
Two steps and a bump into a body
First timers versus veteran clubbers
Innocence being shed like snake skin
flashing lights and averted looks
The shy ones, the outgoing and the outgone
thickly smeared lips
Mini skirts and crop tops
Belly fat and stretch marks
Thick thighs here, skinny legs there
Abundant sight of cleavages
rigid oscillating grinds
robust thrusting hips
Aggressive flirtations
redundant conversations
fingers itching to type phone digits
Fluctuating chances of leaving with a girl
The smell of lust in the air
wistful and partly perturbed
just one of those looking
for what they wont find here
Self decieved into thinking
‘you are the life of the party’
alcohol and debauchery IS
one last sip of the punch
no, make it one big gulp
time to leave


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