First things first, I look half my age. I’m a teeny bit shorter than I’m SUPPOSED to be or so I think. With no facial hair and smooth skinned I definitely could pass for a 12 year old. I’m actually an easy going, wanderlust, creating-fun-moments type of person. My inner child however is very headstrong and has turned me into an adamant person in following all the wrong things- the pleasure of idling and indulging just my hobbies. I’ve been lost in this world once, caught up in all the pressure that comes with the materialist consumerism and the fast life. Heck! I didn’t even know how to hustle. I was not a typical dbee, just a bookworm whose joy was only reading and writing so I could have easily passed as one because I was armed with knowledge expected of dbees and I was fair and have an exotic name J. I kind of looked like one on second thought. Talking about joys and passions football was always numero uno. I was an avid lover of both watching and playing of the game. I did well on the streets too though I was not sensational and didn’t stand out much. Music would come to join the fray with a very unusual Shaggy before moving to Westlife. Those days, all you liked was all you heard on radio till internet started gaining ground and I came to fall in love with rap and hiphop through the G.O.A.T., the white sheep himself, Marshal Mathers Bruce Jnr III. I was always a church boy. My dad was very strict with his Sabbath and I being the faithful dutiful son I was nurtured to become, I just attended church. It was easy for me to fall out of love with religious activities and became the Christian that only needed the title to fill forms and perform other functions. Expectations that come with being tagged a clever boy from friends, family and church was something I could never successfully deal with. I always crumbled under weight and left things to chance. I’m here now, it’s all clear now – painfully apparent. I have found myself and now I only have to create the rest of myself. That’s all I’m about on here; raves, rants, banter and bants. Jump in and enjoy the ride!

Poetry and prose

23 and still writing


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