Are we an item? When she asked me this question I cringed, I smiled, I stuttered For it was a question I was expecting but not so soon It was a discussion I had tactfully avoided Partly for fear of not knowing how to choose my words Partly for not being sure of myself and … Continue reading Item


I stand accused. 

​I stand accused I stand accused of being dumb headed Of being that slow poke Who cant get the correct answer to mentals Or always gets the answer after the brain has registered the touch of the cane But it is a bit too late I have been accused I stand accused of being good … Continue reading I stand accused. 


I received the news with fixed feelings We watched 'Dear John' together Now I'm receiving its modern day letter A one week silent treatment A trick, treat or starter? All the unreplied messages and calls unanswered Get your antenna straight you might receive a wrong signal A single interpretation of a misinformation will cause emotional … Continue reading Heart-cracked


Its killing me I'm sitting there Not many options when I'm in a lecture room All the talking is like static from a broken radio Jibber jabber mumbo jumbo I'm learning nothing except that I need more sleep My brain is burning...eyes unfocused I break out causes a ruckus She keeps on talkin but … Continue reading Limbo