Compromise: Not normal

One very big big problem, like an undercurrent which we are all riding on, among Christians today is COMPROMISE. "3y3 normal" "abi this one dier" Wherever and whenever you hear this phrase brethren you gotta be alert because someone is compromising something. Since am talking about compromise let me not make one myself. I'm going … Continue reading Compromise: Not normal

WHY READ A (The Testimony) 


​​A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge

In a generation where movies are being produced more than books, it indeed gives the impression that it’s impossible to convince someone to read a book.I challenged myself to read more books than I used to during the vacation period. Indeed it wasn’t luxurious at the beginning. However with the aim of getting the best out of myself, I didn’t give up and this is my testimony.

The difference between reading a book and watching a movie is the opportunity you get to explore your own creativity. In a movie the story is presented in a specific form. The action moves rapidly and does not allow you to savour parts that you will like to linger on. Books on the other hand give you the opportunity to free your creative mind and power…

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By the Gutterside series: Things we do for love

Things we have done for love! No scratch that. Things we have done for girls because we were young and foolish in the name of love! So me and bro were sitting on the compound, not by the gutterside this time around thinking about ourselves and saying how we would react 'if we hit', that … Continue reading By the Gutterside series: Things we do for love