You know that thing they said about expectations? That you should not have some of life if you want to be happy? I can see why this holds as true Expectations are the one thing that easily blows away with the slightest wind They easily get dashed faster than a 10m race But i cant … Continue reading Expectations



Build bridges You do not know when the rains will come You do not know when we will need safer passage Do not take tolls at the bridge Those who value it will give willingly to maintain the bridge You do not know who will find love crossing this bridge You do not know who … Continue reading Bridges

Words fail me

Words fail me, my dear my heart, my mind and my tongue think differently Words fail me momma I cant explain why i cant make you proud momma Words fail me Father You taught me but i wont learn Now life beats me up

Window Pain

He sat at the window looking out, always She passed by outside the window, always He watched everything and anything Keenly and carefully at times Non-chalant and uninterested most times He pondered on bits of what he saw He thought the world was too big for him to be significant He thought he was too … Continue reading Window Pain

I stand accused. 

​I stand accused I stand accused of being dumb headed Of being that slow poke Who cant get the correct answer to mentals Or always gets the answer after the brain has registered the touch of the cane But it is a bit too late I have been accused I stand accused of being good … Continue reading I stand accused.